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Who Has The Best Free Wedding Website?

Wedding websites are a great way to communicate with your friends and family and tell them your story as well as what is going on with you wedding. Not only can you website that allows you to give almost instant updates about the latest details but it also allows you to receive feedback from your friends and family with built in RSVP management. This can help save yourself time and money.

With so many different wedding website providers. Who offers the most services for free? I have listed my top 3 picks below in order of which one offer you the most features without paying a dime.

#1 – The knot is one of the biggest wedding websites on the net today. They have a ton of information about just about anything to do with weddings. The great thing is they also offer a completely free wedding website.


100% Free – Unlike most free wedding websites you have access to all of the features they offer from day one with no up sell.

No expiration date on their free accounts. (Some website companies expire you account after 1 year.)

Great default name for your website. (By default you website comes with a great name so there is no need to spend the money to buy a domain name. By default you site will by your user name Kelly Hall then, so if you name really was Kelly Hall your website name would be


No advanced features

Limited website designs to choose from.

#2 – Project wedding is similar to The Knot in the sense they offer wedding advice on just about everything from ideas to how to create your own bouquet to how to save money on your favors. On top of all that they make offer a great free wedding website.


100% Free – Unlike most free sites you have access to all of the features they offer from day one with no up sell.

No expiration date on their free accounts. (Some website companies expire you account after 1 year.)

Your site design can match your invitations because all of the website templates are based on an invitation.


Your website web address is long and not as friendly as the knot. (Your site’s address would look something like this

No advanced features.

#3 – is a one of the biggest providers of free wedding websites but just because they are the biggest doesn’t mean they are the best. has some a ton of great features as well as some we didn’t care for like ads on your site if it is free. This is always a big turn off and the reason it fell all the way to #3.


Cool advanced features (eWedding has some neat features like a great intro page you can add to your website and the ability offer polls and so on for free.)

Amount of designs to choose from. (They have more designs that the other and combined.)

Easy to use (The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate and use.)


Ads (Hi, this is my wedding and I have ads on my website. I know you have to cover the bills but ads are not a great way to do this.)

Missing essential features in the free version (You have features like the ability to take a survey but you can do an online RSVP $9.95 a month.)

Free sites expire after 1 year.

Wedding Website Features

There are various resources which help in making the wedding easier and an unforgettable one. With the technology becoming more and more advanced, various couples are fascinated with the idea of having their own wedding website. A wedding is the most important step in the life of a person and want to do everything to make this day a special day. Making your own wedding website helps you to arrange various details which must be planned for the wedding and to honor your wedding day.

Having your own wedding website really helps you to stay planned in the preparation of your wedding. As you surely want to send the customary wedding invitations in print, but you can also send online invitations. In our daily routine, most of us stay online and you will surely get a reply online instead of mail or telephone. A wedding website has many following features-

RSVP Management– Permit your loved ones and guests to RSVP online in order to save precious time. Assemble the cuisine options and other preferences. You can also have password protected RSVP page or for the personal RSVP events. The data can be easily downloaded anytime and can be viewed conveniently in your control panel.

Multiple Photo Albums– Make infinite photo albums and upload maximum pictures. You can swiftly add, edit, and administer your photos. You can easily upload a maximum of five photos at a time and arrange and rearrange with drag and drop facility.

Video and Music– There are no limitations on uploading media files. You can also select music of your choice to be played in the background. Upload maps from Google, a custom HTML, and a slideshow. You have the provision of uploading file formats like jpeg, doc, mpeg, avi, mp3, mov, txt, and pps.

Poll and Quiz– With the help of poll and different types of quizzes you can judge how much your family and friends know you. Limitless quizzes and polls can be very exciting and great fun. You can make use of these tools to collect the details from the guests and friends like what is your favorite music and then let them decide from disco, rock, and hip-hop etc.

List for Mailing– You can keep your visitors and friends updated about your wedding function and related news by joining your mailing list. You enjoy the provision of mailing them anytime you wish. You can also add, edit, or delete the people anytime on your mailing list with the help of control panel.

Limitless custom page– Besides the pre-built pages, you can also make a wide variety of custom pages which will adjust to the design you have chosen on its own.

It is such a great idea to have your own wedding website and you can also keep your friends and your loved ones informed about your wedding. Yes, there are other reasons as why couples want to have their own wedding website, but the main reason is to share the memories with all the people who are really important.

Wedding Tips – How to Build an Engaging Wedding Website

A wedding website can be an effective outlet for communicating with your guests. When creating your site, you will want to include all the pertinent information regarding your wedding. But, you will also want to make it whimsical and interesting so your friends and family feel included in the planning of your festivities.

If you are not that savvy in the art of web design, or just wish to save some time, there are plenty of sites that offer the use of templates to create free wedding websites without much effort involved. Follow these tips to make your site informative, captivating and personable:

1. Make your website match your wedding’s personality.
If you are creating your wedding site on your own from scratch, design it with colors that match the tone and theme of your wedding. You could also make it replicate your invitations. When choosing to use an online template site, try selecting one that incorporates your selected wedding colors or those of the invitations as closely as possible.

2. Utilize an online RSVP tool.
It is a time-saving convenience for you and your guests to RSVP online. Keeping track of your guest list online will save money by eliminating the need for response cards and stamps to be sent with your wedding invitations. There is also the added bonus of it being earth-friendly. Add your website URL on the bottom of your invitations, and let them know they can RSVP through your site. For those not adept at using a computer, add your phone number as an alternative way for them to RSVP.

3. Include directions and a map.
You will of course be listing all the basic information any wedding announcement would contain, such as your names, what the special occasion is all about, where it will be held, and when it will take place. You should also include directions to your venue and reception locations. Adding in a map is helpful, especially to those from out of town. You can display a hand-drawn map, or opt for embedding a map through the use of sites like Google Maps and MapQuest. You should also consider providing local hotel options and listing interesting places they can visit while in town for your event.

4. Encompass links to your registries.
Including links to your registries on your personal wedding website is a great way to inform your guests about where you are registered, and what gifts you may need. Be sure and integrate the links into your site in a subdued fashion. You don’t want anyone to get the feeling they are obligated to buy you a gift.

5. Insert some personal zest into the mix.
Chances are some of the guests have never met, or even seen, one of you. Include some lovable photographs of the two of you together as a way for guests to see you looking happy and amorous. You might want to add at least one picture on each page of your wedding website to keep visitors interested in reading through all the information your site has to offer. Express your romance and passion for one another by telling the stories of how you met and became engaged. Provide a guestbook or others ways for guests to leave comments in order to interact with you.

6. Save your entire website.
After spending the time building and creating it, be sure and save your complete site. Your wedding website can become a cherished keepsake along with all your other treasured wedding mementos.