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Plan Your Dream Wedding in Style with a Personal Wedding Website

Wedding is the most cherishing moment in a person’s life. For couples worldwide, this is the day they dream of making memorable. A grand wedding celebration calls for some serious planning and proper arrangement. Wedding plans need to be prepared in advance so as to avoid any embarrassment on the D-day. Details of the occasion are discussed by family members and relatives. Nowadays, it often turns out that most of us fail to make each and everyone a part of the wedding arrangement owing to time crunch or busy schedule. But if you want to make all your close ones a part of the big occasion, a personal wedding website is the right solution for you!

Creating a personal wedding website is a unique way to keep your friends and family members updated of the wedding arrangements. The couples-to-be can send out information to their relatives online and also invite suggestions from them. This gesture on part of the couple makes the friends and family members feel happy about their active participation in the big occasion. Thus a personal wedding website sets the platform for the grandest celebration of a lifetime.

Building a personal wedding website is free of hassles as the main features are already included when purchasing your package. All you need to do is provide the content for your wedding site. The features that are mostly included are Online RSVP, Registry Information, Ceremony Details, Photo Gallery, etc. These details can be easily viewed by the guests. In case, the couple has failed to chalk out the details, the guests are welcome to offer their suggestions for the wedding plan. It’s good to have a blog or Poll feature on your site. This would allow your family members and friends to give their feedback regarding the wedding arrangements. Besides, if you want an extraordinary design layout for your site, you can take the help of professional designers or expert consultants. This might help you to concentrate on areas you might otherwise have overlooked.

Many of us feel that a personal wedding website is useful only till the day of the reception. This is an absolutely trash idea as special moments follow your wedding. Photographs of honeymoon can be posted on the site. As years roll on, the website will feature photos of your new home, your children, and many more moments of happiness. Your personal wedding website is thus transformed into your family site where all the happy years can be shared with your family members and friends. No doubt then, that the greatest thing a personal wedding website can offer is happiness! The other benefits come later.

Talking of some of the other advantages, most personal wedding website packages offer a website along with a unique domain name to the couples. Most of these organizations allow the couple to keep their domain name as well as update its content on payment of a small sum. This little expense works wonders to bring an invaluable smile on your dear ones’ lips. As years roll on, your website reminds of the wonderful wedding bells that had rung in the past years. Those unforgettable moments are relived again and again; the memory lingers on… 🙂

Plan Your Big Day With a Wedding Website

Wedding planning is certainly a difficult task. You will need to spend a lot of time to plan for your most perfect day in your life. When you are planning for your wedding, there are a lot of decisions you have to make. However, since no one will have experience when they are planning for their wedding, unless it is his / her second wedding, it is always very difficult for you to make the right decisions.

You may want to know how you can learn the techniques to plan your wedding so that you will be making the right decisions. In fact, you can learn a lot from the web. The internet is really a great source of knowledge nowadays. You can visit the wedding websites of the other couples to learn about how they make the decisions.

In fact, a lot of couples will consider creating a wedding website. They would like to share their experience during wedding planning. It will be perfect for you to learn from their experiences. The wedding websites are really a great source for couples. In most cases, a couple who runs a wedding website will leave a contact email address for you to contact them. You can even contact them to ask questions about their opinion. The interaction amount couples will help you to plan for your wedding.

To this end you may also want to create your own wedding website. Again, you will be creating a wedding website to share your experiences. You will help the other couples to plan for their weddings. It is very interesting that couples can help one another nowadays. Without the internet technology, it is very difficult for couples to do so.

In fact, the function of a wedding website is not only sharing, you may even plan your wedding using your website. For example, there are companies which will help you to create wedding websites. These companies will add a lot of functions to your site. You may be able to arrange your guests list online. There may even be an online organizer so that you can keep tracking your schedule. The advantage of this is that you can access the information anywhere. What you need is only internet connection.

One of the most difficult parts in your wedding planning is managing the guest list. You will need to know who is going to attend and who is not. With the wedding website, you will be able to arrange this. You may even send some e-RSVP to your guests so that your guests can reply you online. When they reply you online, it will be stored in the database and you will be able to keep track of your guest list without any difficulty.

A wedding website is really something wonderful for you to plan for your wedding. If you have not created a wedding website yet, you should do it now so that you can on one hand share your experience and on the other hand use the website to help you to plan for the wedding!

Are You In Love With The Environment? Wedding Websites Help to Go Green

In the age of technology, there are many free wedding websites to help happy couples stay on task. But even more than the organizational aspect, the reduction in paper can help to save the planet in a few easy steps. Here are five ways that a wedding planning website can help couples go green:

1. Wedding Announcement: Couples spend extra money, time and of course envelopes and cards in order to spread the word of their engagement. Creating a page to inform that you are in fact betrothed nixes the need for unnecessary paper. Passwords are utilized to maintain confidentiality.

2. Invitations: A wedding invitation envelope is usually jam-packed with anywhere from two to ten pieces of paper. People want to include all the necessary information so guests know the meal choices, accommodations and of course the date and time of the ceremony and reception. Outer envelopes, inner envelopes and direction cards use up a lot of trees when sending to multiple people.

3. Trackers and Checklists: Many couples have a wedding notebook they use to keep track of information for the planning and gifts. Also, most sites will keep you on task by offering a time-line, so post-it notes need not apply here. There is no need for that extra paper with the convenience of wedding website tracking.

4. Pictures: Just like the announcements, people can go to the site to view all of the wedding photos in one convenient location. Uploading takes a minimal amount of time these days and can save on printing copies for everyone who attended.

5. Thank You Notes: Sure there is something to be said for the personal touch of a thank you card. But most wedding websites offer templates to jazz up each person’s note. They will appreciate the sentiment of an online thank you card without couples having to use more paper and envelopes.

With all these ways to cut out the paper and the added convenience to boot, isn’t it about time to start looking into putting all your wedding info on a website? This will be an activity you can share with your partner. Wedding websites are much more like creating wedding scrapbooks back then. Only this time, wedding scrapbook has a new modern twist it. And the best part is that you’ll be sharing the experience not only to those who can physically hold the “book” but for each and everyone who would key in your website’s address. This is so much fun!